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Hi there! I’m Shauna, the owner of lolo and spence. I’m also mother and auntie to two sparky and curious little ones: Harlow (lolo) and Spencer (spence). After years of working in the fashion and lifestyle industry, my imagination was captured by styling the smaller humans in my life. Following countless conversations with other discerning parents, aunties, grandmas, and friends, I realized that people want to purchase wisely, applying the same standards they’d use for themselves: beautiful fabrics, ethical sourcing, and kindness for the planet and each other.

And so lolo and spence was born. We focus on timeless and quality children's essentials that can be passed down from sibling-to-sibling, and friend-to-friend, crafted both by established international brands as well as up-and-coming local designers. We share the concern of a growing number of parents that our consumer choices should make the world a better place. So, from our brands to our packaging, we strive to keep our environmental footprint small, and our positive impact on the planet and each other, large.

high quality kids clothes
gift ideas for kids who have everything

I’m a fourth generation Kelowna resident, with a travel bug that helps me draw inspiration from all corners of the world. I’m confident that whatever corner of the globe you come from, we’ll find something to suit you and the sparky and curious smaller humans in your life. We’re located in the heart of Kelowna’s Downtown, and hope that you’ll pop in and say hello!

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high quality kids clothes gift ideas for kids who have everything